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Don’t be fooled by those other fat, sloppy snowboard mammals. The Harpoon is the best performing, tapered, volume board ever imagined. Amazingly nimble, with smooth and freakish stability. Feel free to size down 3-6 cm or just ride it in your regular size. It’s going to perform better than any board you’ve ever ridden no matter what you choose. Pull the trigger on the real apex predator. You’ll ride better for it!


**base designs and colors may vary***


Fusion Rocker Camber
The Fusion Rocker Camber is a combination of the Original Rocker Camber and the Ripsaw Rocker Camber. The tip and tail are turned upward more than the OG Rocker Camber but less than the Ripsaw Rocker Camber, and the Rocker profile gives it that touchpoint to the ground right in the middle of the board. This gives the board a more surfy feel.


$619.99 Regular Price
$433.99Sale Price
Type: All Mountain, Freeride, Freestyle, Powder
Shape: Directional Volume Board
Camber: Fusion Rocker Camber
Flex: 5
Damp 5
Width: Mid-wide
Mounting Pattern: 2x4
Sidewall Type: UHMW
Core: Wood
Laminates: Carbon Max Tech, Bi-Lite Fiberglass, STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
Topsheet: Co-Extruded Polymer
Base: Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
Stance Setback: 2.3 inches
Ability Level: All
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